Notes interdites" exhibition by Gérard Taride
Château-musée Grimaldi
du 5 juillet au 4 novembre 2024

In 2021, Gérard Taride won the Prix de la Ville de Cagnes-sur-Mer at the Château-Musée Grimaldi during the Moi-Je exhibition, coordinated by the Union Méditerranéenne de l’Art Moderne  (UMAM). In 2024, the artist was invited back to the château by Simone Dibo-Cohen, president of the UMAM and the Biennale d’Art Contemporain, for a musical exhibition.

Born in Nice in 1964, Gérard Taride spent his entire childhood surrounded by the arts, thanks to his father Bernard Taride, a leading figure in the École de Nice and a jazz enthusiast who took him on several occasions to discover performances and exhibitions based on the Nouveau Réalisme movement. Gérard Taride began a musical career in 1980, then turned to design and created a chain of stores called XXL, decoration in France and Europe.
Interested in scenography and new technologies, Taride explores new modes of creation by mixing different media.

This passion for contemporary creation has led him to question musical censorship at the Château-Musée Grimaldi.
Notes interdites brings together a selection of monumental pieces that question our relationship with music and musicians.

Taride invites the public to discover immersive installations in certain areas of the château, where visual and sound elements blend together in this architectural setting.
His artistic activity refuses to be embodied in any particular style or medium, and strives to disrupt our habits by constructing new models of artistic experience.

“Right from the entrance, in the patio, there’s an installation that will simulate the waves all the way up to the tower, which is the most beautiful part of the château. It’s magical. For me, these stairs are heaven. Do you know the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven?
It’s going to end with the stairs to heaven.”
Gérard Taride.

©Frank Follet
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